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BPL Ultrasound Solutions X-Cube 90

BPL Ultrasound Solutions X-Cube 90

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Brand: Bpl
Certifications: Iso 13485:2016
Country of Origin: India
Sku: Mbuaebpl0101

• Super Premium High End Color Doppler and 3D/4D machine with 23” Full HD LED Screen with IPS technology.
• 12.1” tilting customizable LED touch screen on Motorized Control Panel.
• Crystal Signature and Ultra-high frequency linear probe allows superficial regions.
• Silhouette Imaging-This new technology provides silhouette outlines of the fetus and other structures clearly.
Also allows to delineate the outlines of structures.
• Advanced 3D/4D Application like Live HQ, Depth View, Any Slice, Multislice and VOCAL.
• Premium features like CEUS(Contrast Enhancement Ultrasound), Shear Wave Elastography for better diagnosis.
• Digital Processing Channels more than 1 Crore for faster processing and smoother workflow.
• 5 active HD Transducer connectors port.

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