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Bond Full Reinforced Surgical Gown Non Sterile 2XL 1011N

Bond Full Reinforced Surgical Gown Non Sterile 2XL 1011N

Fullfilled by Medikabazaar


This type of surgical gown is made of five layer SMMMS fabric for maximum protection against ingress of bacteria, virus and fluids. The outermost layers are liquid repellant spunbond fabric with the three inner layers comprised of meltblow, provide high level of fluid repellency. Extreme breathable and light weight, allows ease of use,comfort and full protection. Excellent combination for protection, comfort and economy.
- Hydro head performance (more than 50 cms.) means better protection for staff and patient
- Lower infection risk due to cleanliness, Virtually nolint
- No clinging to scrubs or drapes no static electricity due to Antistatic treatment
- Consistent performance and simplified logistics when compared to reusable products
- In compliance with AAMI PB 70 and EN 13795 standards.

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