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DP Metallic Care Tray and Phlebotomy DPM CT6155

DP Metallic Care Tray and Phlebotomy DPM CT6155

Seller Id: MBDPM0001

Product Information

Brand: Dp metallic
Certifications: Iso13485:2016
Country of Origin: Uae
Generic name: Hospital establishment
Pack Size: 1 x care tray
Sku: Mbuaedpm0022
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• Structure is Made from Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Material
• Stainless Steel Frame is Blast Finished and Powder Coated in a Durable Paint
• Ergonomic Push Handle is fitted on One Side of the Trolley
• Care-rails are fitted on the Each Side of the Trolley
• One Piece is molded on Top with Raised Edges on Three Sides and an Integral
• One Piece is molded on Side Panels Incorporate runners with positive Stops to Prevent the Trays from
Being withdrawn Accidently
• Single Sharp Box Holder, Mask Holder, Glove Box Holder, Alcohol Gel Holder and Debris Bin
• Each Tray is supplied with Perforated Strips
• Trays can be Sub-divided
• Polyurethane Ring Buffers for Protection and Polymer Castors to assist in Cleaning
1 x Care Tray
DP Metallic AL Diplomacy Metallic Const IND LLC

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